Thursday, April 4, 2024

Freeware - SoundProps Free Series LT Kontakt Instrument Library

SoundProps – LT Mellotron is a free library for NI Kontakt, offering a collection of of vintage tape-based mellotron sounds. From haunting flutes to lush strings and ethereal choirs, “SoundProps – LT Mellotron” provides a rich palette of tones to enhance your music production. Unlock the magic of the mellotron with “SoundProps – LT Mellotron.”
Requires full Kontakt.

SoundProps – LT – D Bass is a free NI Kontakt library offering the timeless charm of an old double bass. Dive into the rich, resonant tones of this classic instrument, perfect for adding depth and warmth to your compositions. Whether you’re crafting jazz melodies, orchestral arrangements, or folk tunes, “SoundProps – LT – D Bass” delivers authentic sound and character. Elevate your music with the organic beauty of this beloved instrument.