Thursday, January 18, 2024

Fiedler Audio - Dolby Atmos Composer Essential

Next generation Dolby Atmos tools
Approved by Dolby Labs

Produce Dolby Atmos content on any DAW, even if the DAW is not capable of multichannel audio
Monitor on multichannel speakers from any DAW directly from the Dolby Atmos Composer plugin
Up to 9.1.6 for monitoring
Use personalized HRTF for binaural monitoring
Easy setup without the need of manual routing configuration, no external app required
Connects to Dolby Atmos Beam Essential and Spacelab (from version 1.5 onwards)
Dolby Atmos Beam Essential - panning plugin
Position your inputs as objects around the listener easily
Record movement with mouse as automation
Convenient mapping of parameters to all major Pro Tools control surfaces
Panning to composite speaker layout or as dynamic objects
Quickly set objects to predefined speaker positions
Spacelab connection (V 1.5 onwards)
Direct connection of our world class 3D reverb to the Dolby Atmos Composer circumventing DAW limitations
Spacelab sources as dynamic objects in Atmos
Arbitrary speaker layouts as composite in Dolby Atmos
Export Dolby Atmos ADM/BWF for distributing to all major platforms
Simultaneous export of renderer output
Import ADM/BWF files for playback, corrections and re-export