Friday, December 1, 2023

Freeware - MNTRA Instruments Tenebrae-LE VSTi Plugin

Tenebrae-LE is the free version of the full artist-instrument, Tenebrae. LA-based artist Joseph Holiday creates apocalyptic electronic visions (affectionately described as ‘Death Beats’) under the moniker SNAKES OF RUSSIA. His singular sound weaves together textured modular synth patches with gritty drum samples, all slammed through destructive chains of unobtanium outboard and tape to create a unique world of darkness. In Tenebrae-LE, the light edition of our first Artist Series instrument, Tenebrae. SNAKES OF RUSSIA opens a window to his personal Pandora’s Box, offering you a taste of the deep collection that has been curated from his distinctive sonic palette. We conceptualised Tenebrae, as an exhumed creature, buried for over a century and now resurfaced – bringing the dark dust from the depths of the earth. Transmuted through analog processing and tape; modular and analog synths, obscure bowed instruments and gritty percussion come together to bring the darkness in Tenebrae.