Friday, December 23, 2022

Freeware - Glitch With Friends: Samples vol 3


This 7.23 gigabyte sample pack, our largest to date, contains a diversity of audio clips of the highest standard, all packaged and ready for you to add some unique flavor to your music, film, or game audio. The meticulously crafted content of this pack ranges from standard audio staples like drums, risers, impacts, pads, and wavetables to intensely designed glitches, harsh textural noise, and monstruous neuro bass. Alongside the wide variety of designed sounds are a rich collection of real-world sound recordings such as lush nature recordings, strange daxophone one-shots, and even a variety of music and audio equipment being pushed to the point of failure. To top it off we have included dozens of percussive, chromatic, glitch, and bass loops all tagged with BPM, time signature*, and key (where applicable). A large variety of synthesis, recording, mangling, DSP, and manipulation techniques were deployed in service of making these samples. We hope that you have as much fun creatively deploying this sounds for your needs as we did putting them all together.