Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Freeware - Fuse Audio Labs VPB-Bundle Big Sur Free


The VBP-Bundle is an ensemble of some of the most popular and beautiful sounding stomp boxes found on countless pedal boards all around the globe. Selected to let your creativity run free, the VPB-Bundle comes with a nice surprise: Big-Sur is completely free and forever yours to play with! All included plugins support Zero Latency operation for a perfect live and tracking experience. 

Well known and adored for its grungy wall-of-sound distortion, Big-Sur is a perfect pick for powerful rhythm playing and heavy lead sounds. Its wide spectrum distortion with a good portion of fuzz and mid-range authority will literally cut through any sonic clutter. By adding an additional mix control and optional oversampling, Big-Sur adds great flexibility to the famous op-amp beast.