Monday, April 13, 2020

Columbia Contributes: The Faces of Moving Forward

Eric Gross—Alum, Senior Sound Designer for Disney’s “Sorcerer’s Arena” Audio Arts and Acoustics alum

Eric Gross, like Balsar, understands that keeping culture anchored during difficult times can be rooted in creative accomplishments. Of course, working on a major Disney project didn’t follow immediately after graduation. As he says, “I basically got the job because I had a childhood friend that was working for Glu and they were in need of a sound designer, and I had just conveniently graduated from Columbia in AA&A. I have worked on 100+ games since then. That being said, I can easily say that Disney Sorcerer's Arena is the largest game that I have ever worked on in terms of content and hours.”

While Gross has long been set up to work at home, he recognizes that others may not be in the same boat. To those makers and creators, he says: “Keep practicing. Now is the perfect time. Find ways to use the internet and technology to your advantage. These are skills that will still be beneficial even after the crisis has ended. Even if you don't have a paying gig right now, find time to sharpen your skills and improve. Don't be stagnant. Adapt.” For Gross, whose decade-long experience in the field has proved successful, the message is clear: adapt, and culture will follow.