Saturday, August 25, 2018

Freeware - Audio Parlour Marauder Distortion VST Plugin

Looking for a plugin to add beef to your soft-synths, grime to your drums, or body to your bass? Originally designed as a high-gain amplifier for VA synths, The Marauder is a boutique distortion plugin providing a unique workflow for adding wear, heft and grit. Going beyond naive waveshaping methods, the core of the Marauder is configurable distortion model with colourful interplay between its four gain stages. Inspired by feedback compressor designs, an envelope balances the input stage between two amplifier models, each with a distinct flavour. A crossover filter feeds the highs through a dedicated signal path for tonal control. Signal routing throughout the plugin features a meticulously balanced feedback network, resulting in subtle interplay between the overdrive characteristics of the various gain stages - ensuring just the right amount of unpredictability. Best of all, The Marauder is free. We're working on a retail version which will have some extra goodies, but the basic version is free - and always will be.