Thursday, March 15, 2018

Freeware - BigTick Rainbow Synth VSTi

VSTi & Standalone versions
FM, AM, additive and subtractive synthesis
1 to 4 oscillators per voice
Up to 24 voices (CPU dependant)
Selectable shape (sine, saw, square, triangle, noise)
Coarse / Fine tuning knobs, with selectable keyboard tracking mode
LFO mode
Distortion (Waveshaping knob)
APDSR (Attack/Peak/ Decay/ Sustain/ Release) level envelope
Control of the level by midi velocity and/or key position
4x4 Frequency and Amplitude modulation matrix
Selectable Low, High, or Band pass double mode filter, with cutoff and resonance controls
APDSR envelope and env mod knob
Resonance controllable by midi velocity
APDSR pitch envelope
High-quality oversampling mode with antialias filter
Fully midi-controlled, all controllers can be customised
Supports Doepfer Pocket Dial controller
16 step sequencer Microtuning support.