Friday, November 17, 2017

8Dio Century Brass Try-Pack Kontakt Instrument Library

The Century Brass Try-Pack contains two, full-ranged, dynamically layered legato patches from both Century Solo Brass and Century Ensemble Brass. We’ve included the Solo Flugel Horn from Century Solo Brass – and the Dual French Horns from Century Ensemble Brass. Each of them shows different sides to the collections. The Flugel Horn in all its elegance and emotion. The Dual Horns with a powerful range from piano to fortissimo.

Important note: The Free Century Brass Try-Pack is for non-commercial use only. The Try-Pack features one microphone position (mixed) and multi-dynamic layered legato for Flugel Horn and Dual Horns. The Try-Pack is designed and built in our advanced Century user-interface. Offering you a vast array of different options to truly express yourself.