Monday, June 3, 2024

Snake Plissken - One Night in Bangkok

One Night in Bangkok, made famous by Murray Head. (1984) 
Vocals by Cary Steinman, Jill Greenlee and Tegan McDade. 
 Drums by Harold Houser. 
 All other instrumentation by Eric Gross. 
 Mixed and mastered by Eric Gross

Friday, May 31, 2024

Freeware - Fracture Sounds Blueprint Short Strings Kontakt Instrument

Short Strings captures a small, chamber-sized ensemble, playing the staccato technique in a playful manner- great for scoring anything from small-scale action to romantic comedies, or layering with other strings in your collection for a more intimate sound.
Works with Kontakt Player!

Thursday, May 30, 2024

Freeware - SaschArt LoudnessMeterFree VST Plugin

SaschArt introducing an user friendly audio plugin designed for loudness (LUFS) analysis with a visual interface contain five measuring bars. This plugin make analyzing per each channel and show the difference of left-right for optimal stereo balancing. Achieve perfect loudness balance and professional-grade audio production with loudnessMeterFree.

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Freeware - Lotus Sound Audio Ocean Plate VST Plugin

Introducing OCEAN PLATE 🌊 – the epitome of warmth, depth, and sonic excellence in the realm of digital audio processing. Crafted meticulously from a stunning analog device renowned for its unparalleled sonic character, Ocean Plate reverb plugin takes your audio to breathtaking depths, enveloping it in lush, immersive ambiance reminiscent of vast, shimmering oceans ! 

With its rich, warm sound, Ocean Plate is not just a tool ; it's an experience. Whether you're producing music, mixing tracks or designing soundscapes, this plugin infuses your creations with an unmistakable analog charm that sets them apart. But Ocean Plate isn't just about reverb ; it's a complete sonic sculptor. Featuring a meticulously designed EQ section, you have total control over shaping your sound to perfection. 

Whether you're dialing in subtle enhancements or completely transforming the character of your audio, Ocean Plate empowers you to achieve your sonic vision effortlessly.

Thursday, May 9, 2024

Freeware - Venus Theory Strands Cello Instrument

Intimate and evocative cello swells for your next project. 

Strands is a free cinematic cello library for the free Decent Sampler plugin, and is a carefully curated selection of sounds designed to deliver a new palette of emotional expression for your scores and tracks. 

Strands features a 5-piece cello ensemble performing a range of textured articulations, alongside a selection of solo performances for moments that require a bit more intimacy. 

Designed for ease of use, Strands is a lightweight library that won't weigh down your system with another bazillion gigabytes of sounds while still getting the job done to add that sense of 'huh, neat' to your tracks. 

Requires Decent Sampler.

Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Freeware - Audiority The Sword EQ Boost Pedal VST Plugin

Based on the same EQ/BOOST section of our Solidus VS8100, The Sword is the ultimate clean booster you’ll ever need! Clean boosters are basically a combination of tone shaping and amplification. We provided you a 10 band equalizer followed by a transparent clean booster for endless tonal shaping possibilities.

Monday, April 29, 2024

Freeware - Tin Brook Tales TLS 1295 LEA Free Compressor VST Plugin

Opto LA2A Inspired compressor, 32/64bit Windows VST2 and Linux only! No Mac version.

Freeware - Fracture Sounds Blueprint Gentle Strings Kontakt Instrument

This chamber-sized string ensemble was captured in a large studio hall playing with mutes to produce a long con sordino articulation. The library includes three microphone signals and a bespoke atmosphere layer produced from the original samples.
Works with Kontakt Player!