Saturday, March 14, 2015

Freeware - CodeFN42 Chordz, Cales and other MIDI Tools

Chordz is a VST plugin that allows you to trigger full chords by playing single notes. Each trigger note is associated with a separate chord. Each chord may consist of any number of notes. Play complicated chord progressions with one finger, with a MIDI keyboard or a drum-pad, or trigger chords from single notes added in your DAW's piano roll.

Artiphone MIDI Controller

Freeware - Musical Palette Melody Composing Tool

Musical Palette program is a tool for the creation of 'theoretically correct' melodies.
The program is based on composition theory and the theory of harmony. The strong theoretical base makes the melody composing process easier.

Freeware - 99Sounds VSTi Instruments and SFX Libraries

A lot of free SFX sample libraries.

100+ Awesome Free Online Resources For Music Producers

The mother load.

Freeware - FatLoops Sample Libraries

Free sample libraries for Dubstep and EDM beats.

Freeware - Sonus Dept sound libraries for Massive, Kontakt and more.

Free sound libraries for Massive, Kontakt and more.

TiberSynth Tool

TiberSynth is an experimental audio synthesizer that runs in your web browser.

Freeware - My Log Drum Kontakt Library

The log drum, also called Slit Drum, is an idiophone usually carved in wood or constructed in a resonant wooden box. On the surface there are some woodden tongues that can be struct to play a simple melody. Our instrument is a “vintage” version of the most common log drum in commerce. It was used for years before we could get our hands on it. Some toungues were not perfectly in tune, and there was a small crack on a tongue that made the instrument to “sizzle” on strong beats. But… we felt its sound lovely and authentic and we hope you will enjoy its sound too.
  • 55 Mb NCW compressed sample pool
  • 258 samples
  • 2 different playing “beaters”: mallet and fingers
  • 4 velocity layers layers for fingers
  • 7 velocity layers for mallets
  • 3x Round Robin
  • Equalizer, Reverb with custom IRs
  • Full velocity control
  • Low memory usage, Laptop ready

Freeware - Simple Flute Kontakt Library

Simple Flute is a FREE instrument for Kontakt 4.2.4.
What is Simple Flute? Well, it’s simply a flute! Powered by a customized version of WIPS Scripts (with the given permission of customizing it by its author Robert D. Villwock), Simple Flute is just a simple well-sounding flute for Kontakt. Thanks to the scripting engine and the sampling method used, we are proud to present a super playable instrument, which can be played at any tempos, has a controllable amount of vibrato, three phase locked dynamic layers, legato control, two (long and short) articulations, 3 Round Robin for the short articulations, micro tuning presets and a wide selection of impulse reverb presets.